Published on Nov 24, 2023

We’d like to welcome Antic Esports as the newest addition to the LCO! They have successfully acquired the slot previously held by Pentanet.GG.

We’d also like to express our gratitude to Pentanet.GG for their contribution to Oceanic League of Legends, both locally, and on the global stage. Classic moments such as the dream OCE run at MSI 2021 and the epic Grand Final at DreamHack Melbourne 2022 would not have been possible without them. 

With that said, we’re eagerly anticipating what Antic Esports will bring to the LCO in 2024 and are excited to welcome them into the league!

Antic Esports’ General Manager, Riley Denny, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to be part of the league next year. The opportunity to compete at this level is not just a challenge, but a chance to showcase our dedication, skill, and the spirit of Antic Esports. We are poised for an exciting journey and look forward to making our mark in the league with passion and precision.”

LCO League Manager, Tim Wendel, added: “We’re excited to see more NZ representation in the LCO. We can’t wait to see their impact on the League.”

When will we know the new roster that Antic Esports is bringing to the LCO?

For the details of Antic Esport’s League of Legends roster for the LCO, stay tuned for updates on their social media channels. You can follow Antic Esports on Twitter 

Where can we watch Antic Esports compete?

You can catch all the action at twitch.tv/LCO or on LoLEsports.com!

Any news about Split 1, 2024?

Stay tuned – Soon! Remember to join the LCO Discord at lco.gg/discord for the latest updates.

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