Published on Nov 3, 2023

The LCO is thrilled to introduce Fury Global as the newest addition to the League. They have successfully acquired the slot previously held by The Chiefs, who were recently acquired by Team Bliss. As per the LCO Team Participation Agreement, an organisation is not able to hold two slots in the League in order to maintain competitive integrity.

The LCO would like to thank The Chiefs for their many years in Oceanic League of Legends. The Chiefs have been competing in LoL since 2014 making them the longest standing professional LoL team in the region. They were a home to many of OCE LoL’s favourite faces and won a combined 7 championships across the OPL and LCO.

With that said, we’re eagerly anticipating what Fury Global will bring to the LCO in 2024 and are excited to welcome them into the league!

Fury Global’s CEO, Miles Johnson, expressed his enthusiasm: ““FURY is excited to dive into a new esports franchise, after admiring the LCO from afar for many of years we’re thrilled to finally have the opportunity to make our entrance into the league, FURY’s strategy has always been to position ourselves strongly in every game we’ve dove into boasting numerous domestic championships across a number of games and regions and we see the LCO as a new challenge to further enhance this legacy.”

Brendan Harms, the Director of the Chiefs Esports Club and Team Bliss Esports added: “With the merger of Team Bliss & The Chiefs, unfortunately the biggest rivalry of LCO 2023 must come to an end. The addition of FURY to the LCO will offer fans an exciting new Oceanic powerhouse to get behind, with FURY having won multiple domestic and international championships over multiple titles. We look forward to the new rivalries that 2024 has to offer and are looking forward to giving LCO fans an exciting tournament. The Chiefs leaving LCO on the back of a three-peat with a total of seven domestic championship wins is an incredible legacy and something the next generation of LCO teams will set as the goal for being the best.”

LCO League Manager, Tim Wendel, had the following to say: “We’re excited to see what Fury Global will bring to the LCO. We wish them the best of luck for the upcoming season!”

When will we know the new roster that Fury Global is bringing to the LCO?

For the details of Fury Global’s League of Legends roster for the LCO, stay tuned for updates on their social media channels. You can follow Fury Global on Twitter 

Where can we watch Fury Global compete?

You can catch all the action at twitch.tv/LCO or on LoLEsports.com!

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