LCO SPLIT 2: New Structure Revealed

Published on May 23, 2023


Change is coming to the LCO as we shake things up heading into Split 2.

As of Split 2, the League will be a Best of 2 (Bo2) Round Robin followed by a 6 team double elimination playoffs. Teams will play each other once in a Best of 2 and receive points for the outcome. At the end of the Round Robin, the top 6 teams will enter into a Double Elimination playoff bracket with the top two teams qualifying to represent Oceania at the Pacific Championship Series playoffs.

For those unfamiliar with best of two’s they work as follows:
– Each team will submit a side selection ahead of the series. Team 1 will receive side selection in Game 1 and Team 2 will receive side selection in Game 2.

Teams will be awarded points based on the number of games won per match:
– 2-0 WIN = 3 Points
– 1-1 DRAW = 1 Point to each team
– 0-2 LOSS = 0 Points

Normally in best of series, the losing team would receive side selection. However, as there is no deciding match we think it’s fairer if both teams submit ahead of time

We’ve changed the format for Split 2 based on team and fan feedback. Our vision is to create a more competitive and engaging environment while providing a better experience for participants and viewers.

More Opportunities, Fewer Rematches:

In Split 1, bottom seed teams were eliminated early during Stage 2, limiting their playing time. We want to give teams more opportunities to showcase their skills. Additionally, we’ve reduced rematches to add variety and excitement to the matchups (not that we don’t love seeing Team Bliss play The Chiefs).

Why Best of Two’s?

Our priority is to maintain a consistent broadcast schedule while also giving every team an equal chance to demonstrate their talents against all the teams in the league. We hope that playing Bo2’s instead of Bo1’s will allow teams to get valuable practice playing matches with multiple games while allowing us to maintain a similar schedule to Split 1 so fans know when matches are happening!.

Compelling Playoffs, Expanded Qualification:

In Split 2 the Playoffs will include the top 6 teams. The teams that finish in the top 4 during the regular split will be seeded into the Upper Bracket and receive a second chance. The 5th and 6th seeded teams will be seeded directly into the Lower Bracket and will not receive a second chance.

Similar to Split 1, the top two teams will qualify for the Pacific Championship Series Playoffs where they will compete for a chance at Worlds 2023. The winner of the Grand Final will be our first seed for the PCS playoffs.

Our changes aim to create an engaging, competitive esports environment that provides opportunities for more teams. We’re excited to see new and returning faces on the rift and in Twitch chat! Follow us on & for the latest content, streams & more.

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