Welcome: Vertex Esports Club to the League of Legends Circuit Oceania

Published on May 11, 2023

The LCO is excited to announce Vertex Esports Club as the newest team in the League. They have won the right to operate the slot formerly occupied by PEACE and are now confirmed as a participating team for the remainder of 2023. The permanent sale of the slot will be resolved after the 2023 competitive season.

We’re excited to see what Vertex ESC brings to the LCO in Split 2 and look forward to welcoming the team into the league!

“This is a monumental day for us to branch into the leading esport in the world and a fan favourite of Oceania,” said Vertex ESC Operations Manager Lachlan Hughes.
“We have made many fans around the world with our CS:GO roster, now we get to meet a whole new fanbase ready to be a part of our family.”

LCO League Manager Tim Wendel had the following to add:
“After discussions with a number of teams, we’re excited to welcome Vertex to the League. Vertex have been a strong performer in other titles and we’re keen to see what impact they can have on the LCO.”

When will we know the new roster that Vertex Esports Club is bringing to the LCO?
Stay tuned to Vertex’s social media for all future announcements around their League of Legends roster here: Vertex ESC on Twitter

Where can we watch Vertex Esports Club compete?
You can catch all the action at twitch.tv/LCO or on LoLEsports.com!

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