Warner Music Australia Joins the LCO as Music Partner

Published on Jun 15, 2021

With just hours to go before Split 2 of the LCO starts, we’re excited to welcome Warner Music Australia on board as our first official LCO Music Partner! 

As part of the partnership, you can expect to hear new music integrated into each of our shows. Each day, we’ll feature a new banger from the official LCO Playlist through a Song of The Day segment. 

Speaking of the LCO Playlist, this is a curated playlist specifically for LCO fans. It’s the perfect mix of songs to help you catjam your way to victory, or help you reset your mental if your team is running it down in soloq. You’ll be able to find it on a panel below the broadcast; by typing !playlist in Twitch chat; or by searching for LCO Playlist on Spotify. Be sure to follow the playlist so you stay updated with new music that we add.

Graeme Du Toit, Chief Music Enjoyer at the LCO said “This partnership is one I’m really excited about. It’s only a first step in a hopefully long and successful partnership with Warner Music, but music adds so much vibe to broadcasts and video content that we make for the league. Our fans are young, highly engaged digital consumers, who listen to music on a daily basis, so to be able to introduce them to some of the biggest bangers that Warner music has to offer is a great fit. I’ve already been catjamming out to the LCO playlist for a few days, and I’m hoping that you enjoy it as much as I do. Make sure you follow the playlist to show Warner that you’re happy that they’re here and want to see more music added to the LCO.”

A Warner Music Australia spokesperson added: “We’re extremely excited to launch this partnership with the LCO. We see this as an amazing opportunity to reach a highly engaged and relatively untapped audience in a time where the worlds of Music and Gaming have never been closer. We’re looking forward to introducing some of our amazing Australian and New Zealand artists to the broadcast, as well as creating new local fans for our international stars

Get those catjam and ratjam emotes ready as season 2 of the LCO starts today, June 15th, and is broadcast every Tuesday & Wednesday online, on twitch.tv/lco & youtube.com/lco

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