Write in to Postman Pike & Win an LCO Tee!

Published on Jun 14, 2024

–UPDATE— Any letters received from 15 July onwards will not receive an LCO tee. You are still welcome to write in.

As we near the middle of Split 2 here at the LCO, it’s time to introduce a new segment in our weekly broadcasts – Postman Pike! So, if you’re interested in getting sent a free, official LCO ‘Raise your Koalas’ Tee, read on.

What is Postman Pike?

LCO Host PapaPike wants to hear from you, snail-mail style. All you have to do is write a letter (yes, a real one!) and mail it off to him. Once he receives it, he’ll read it out on the LCO broadcast, and if you’ve enclosed a return address, we’ll send you back an LCO ‘Raise Your Koalas’ Tee, while stocks last. It’s that easy!

1: Write (or print out) a letter for PapaPike. You can write about (almost) anything! Maybe you want to give your opinions on how the LCO Split is shaping up so far, what you think of the latest patch, or maybe you’ve got a funny story from last year’s family Christmas lunch that you think needs to be re-told on the LCO broadcast. Make sure you include a return address & preferred size for us to ship your LCO Tee to you*!

2: Go to a post office and mail the letter to:
Postman Pike
PO Box 88 Nundah Qld 4012

3: Wait for Postman Pike to receive it, and for it to be read live on the LCO show (all letters will be checked before appearing on broadcast, for obvious reasons.)

4: Keep an eye out in the post for your LCO Tee!


-Anything that’s bigger than an envelope may not be accepted.
-Any written letter should follow the LCO Community Guidelines & general rules for chat during our broadcast.
-We will endeavour to send you back your preferred size of LCO tee, but sizing is not guaranteed. Stocks are also limited (but we expect to have enough for everyone who wants to enter).
-This promotion will end on Monday, July 22 at 12AM
-This promotion is officially open to the Australian & New Zealand residents only.
*While stocks last. International fans are welcome to mail in, but due to shipping limitations, return mail may not always be possible.

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