Published on Jul 28, 2023

We checked in with the smartest minds in Oceania to help shed some light on the Split 2 Grand Final between Team Bliss and The Chiefs. Here’s what some of the LCO’s best and brightest had to say about the final match of the year!

VTX Styled

Game Score: 3-1 TB

Reason: Their team fighting is by far the best in the league.

Player to watch: Leemas, this is the game he cements himself as one of the best in the region. This series will depend highly on botlane.

MEC Dragku

Best of 5 Game Score: 3-2 CHF

Reason: I believe chiefs on a good day are still the best team and i always back up my boys

Player to watch: Quinny K (Raes)

CHF Jellal

Game Score: 3-0 CHF

Reason: We played poorly last series but this time we’ve come more prepared and we definitely don’t like to lose to Bliss 3-0 so everyone is hungry to win. With how this playoffs mirrors last splits, more stage games and better practice along with us figuring out we have to scrim everyday to keep our form as a team things should be very different. 

Player(s) to Watch: Both Raes and Aladoric by unlocking our bot lane and being able to snowball the map through bot and limiting Akia and in doing so putting more pressure on mid.

TB Calvin

Best of 5 Game Score: 3-1 TB

Reason: Team Bliss is peaking in form whilst CHF is still trying to stabilize their performance

Player to watch: Lived

Watch the LCO 2023 Split Two Grand Final this Sunday!

30th July 2023 – Pre-Show from 5:15PM AEST – Live on Twitch here.

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