Competitive Ruling: Peace

Published on Feb 25, 2023

-The LCO has made the decision to remove Peace from the league, effective immediately, due to their inability to field an eligible roster and payment delays to team members.

-LCO will continue with 7 teams for the remainder of Split 1 and teams originally scheduled to play against Peace will receive a bye in Split 1 Stage 2.

A variety of factors have contributed to this decision. Primarily, Peace has failed to field an eligible roster during the first two weeks of the Split due to the fact that the team was not able to obtain valid visas for their players. This led to forfeitures of most of their matches in Split 1 stage 1 per the LCO rulebook. Additionally, Peace failed to meet player and team staff payment deadlines, negatively impacting player welfare within the league. These behaviors are considered to be material breaches of their previous Team Participation Agreement (“TPA”).

Multiple steps have been taken by the LCO over several months to assist Peace to resolve these issues. LCO Management notified Peace that they would not be offered a 2023 TPA on November 23, 2022 unless they rectified the issues identified. Issues continue to persist which have led to the LCO’s decision to remove Peace from the league in order to ensure fairness and maintain the integrity of the league. 

Peace’s spot in the league will be sold and the funds will be used to settle any outstanding payments to players. Additionally, the league will organise travel for any team members that would like to return to their home country. 

The competitive season will continue and the LCO will proceed with seven teams for the remainder of Split 1. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we move forward with our ruling.

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