Get Ready for the LCO Split 1 2022 Playoffs

Published on Mar 22, 2022

We’re getting close to the Split 1 Playoffs

and with our 5 Playoffs teams locked in already, it’s time to take a breather and see what’s in store for OCE LoL fans when Playoffs start later this month!

Playoffs Teams

Heading into the Playoffs will be The Chiefs, Peace, Pentanet.GG, Dire Wolves, and ORDER. Here’s what we reckon you should be looking out for if you’re in the market for a new team to cheer on:

The Chiefs

The Chiefs have held a near-perfect record this Split, and are the team to beat coming into playoffs. Arthur (JG) came into his own in the second half of the split while “The Perfect Player” Quin “Raes” Korebrits was a constant carry threat throughout.


Peace came out of the blocks red hot with wins over The Chiefs and Pentanet.GG, and led the competition early in the split. A spate of recent losses mean they will be looking to recapture that early success ahead of the playoffs. Look for Apii and Thien to carry from the solo lanes.


Off the back of an historic performance at MSI in 2021, PGG will be looking to requalify to the event that put them on the map. Balkhan (JG) has been a menace since joining the LCO and is the key to unlocking Praedyth (BOT) and a 2nd title for PGG.


ORDER will be looking to make a name for themselves. Kevy, Kisee and Puma are all upcoming talents in the LCO, each with huge carry potential. Deciding who will get the resources will be the question for this team.

Dire Wolves

Dire Wolves refreshed their roster in 2022 and gave opportunities to a number of new players. Playoffs is a great achievement for their new roster, and with a recent win over ORDER, Dire Wolves could look to start their finals campaign with a bang. Kyose has had a breakout season and looks particularly dangerous on the Leblanc.

Playoffs Times

Starting Monday, March 28th, at 5pm AEDT, the Split 1 Playoffs will run through to Monday, April 11th, when our Grand Final will be held. Matches will be played on March 28, 29, April 4th, 5th, and 11th – or put simply, every Monday and Tuesday through to the end of the season.

As always, you can find out exactly who’s playing who on our Schedule page here: and remember, all matches will be streamed on as usual!

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