How’s the LCO Shaping Up?

Published on Feb 7, 2022

With the first Round Robin complete, we’ve seen some very unexpected results so far in this year’s LCO – Delivered by Menulog. With Mammoth upsetting Pentanet.GG, Peace looking as strong as ever, and Pentanet.GG falling off a proverbial cliff on the standings, there’s no telling what will happen as we near our first Super Week. In the meantime, catch up with some of the best content that’s been out there this week.

Sliding Doors

The omnipresent Sliding Doors is a must for hardcore and new LCO fans alike – the team at Snowball know what they’re doing when it comes to putting pen on paper, and their latest edition of Sliding Doors is no exception. Read it here.

LCO YouTube Highlights

That’s right, match highlights! Fear not, you do not need to spend hours catching up on each match of the LCO any more – just subscribe to the LCO on YouTube, and have the week’s top matches curated into 2 highlights per matchday, for your viewing pleasure.

From The Fans: Memes

If there’s one thing that LCO fans (and teams) know how to do, it’s meme! Our meme of the week goes to Peace for their modern interpretation of a classic.

Remember, join the LCO Discord for even more LCO content and to chat with other LCO fans, and we’ll see everyone on – from 6pm AEDT each Monday and Tuesday this week!

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