New Split, New Talent

Published on Jan 19, 2022

A new Split of the LCO (and a new year) means it’s time to introduce a new team of OCE’s best League of Legends talent! So, let’s take a quick look (and get a quick word) from each one of our broadcast talent for the split.


While a lot of our best are still killing it overseas, 2022 has seen the return of a LOT of old household names in Oceanic League of Legends and I’m stoked to see how they can add to the league with their international experience and development. Not just as players but as teammates, and seeing how that levels up the league as a whole is a major factor in my excitement for this season.


Is anyone else keen to see the mayhem from the Chemtech soul?


Hey Guys! Kitty here! Although new, I’m excited to see what LCO has in store for us this year. I’ve specifically got my eyes on teams such as Peace, The Chiefs and Pentanet.GG this split as I think their new rosters look really strong! Their teams are filled with returning players that have overseas experience which should make the split really interesting to watch.


The competition this year looks stacked! We’ve got super teams, rising stars and familiar faces all showing up to play. Chiefs look to have won the off season, I expect them to claim their first OCE title since 2016.

Fans from last year will notice a new member of the LCO joining, as @Kitty jumps on board as Sideline Reporter. We’re excited to welcome Kitty into the team, as she brings on board her experience from high-level solo queue and as a Peace content creator.

Remember to catch all of the LCO Split 1 2022 action live from January 24th on – starting 6pm AEDT (8pm NZDT), each Monday & Tuesday throughout the split.

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