Can OCE Win Worlds?

Published on Oct 4, 2021

PEACE are set to represent Oceania at this year’s League of Legends World Championships in Iceland, and although the organisation are international first-timers, there’s no telling what might happen – particularly as four of PEACE’s roster have competed at Worlds before. One thing’s for sure though – they’ll need all the Koalas and Kiwis you can raise in Twitch chat to take the win against some tough competition.

First up, familiarise yourself with the team that will be representing OCE at Worlds – featuring a very special addition to the lineup for the tournament.

The PEACE Roster

Top lane: Vizicsacsi
Jungle: Babip
Mid lane: Tally
ADC: Violet
Support: Aladoric
Sub: Halo, Lived
Coach: Daniel, Colla

Who are PEACE playing?

LNG Esports

Hailing from the dominant LPL in China, LNG Esports are coming into Worlds after a 4th place finish in the most recent LPL season. 

Hanwha Life Esports

Coming into the Worlds Play-In stage from the LCK in Korea, Hanwha Life Esports have been around since 2018 and sport a packed roster full of top players from the region, earning a 3rd place result in the recent Spring Split of the LCK.


Latin America’s entry into the Worlds 2021 Play-Ins, Infinity Esports are heading into the tournament as another underdog compared to the likes of LNG and Hanwha Life, but come with the experience of having competed internationally recently at MSI 2021.

RED Canids Kalunga

Brazil’s hope at #Worlds2021, the RED Canids earned their spot after a convincing first place result in CBLOL 2021 Split 2 this year.

When can I watch?

Check out the schedule below, or simply head to for all matches. Tune in on

P.S. – Don’t forget to support the crew at PEACE and pick up their #Worlds2021 in-game Emote and Summoner Icon! 

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