Solo Queue Tips From The Pros

Published on Jul 13, 2021

A classic scenario: You’ve set yourself up for a relaxing night of solo queue, you’ve got your freshly delivered DoorDash dinner still piping hot, and you queue into a game. What happens next is more than a common occurrence on the rift; as your night of solo queue turns into a disparaging battle to try and keep your spirits up (and your ELO). A few losses later, and you’re ready to call it. Sounds familiar right?

Well, we’re here to help. This week, we’ve asked three LCO pros for their #1 tip to win solo queue on OCE.

1. Mboma – Chiefs – “Don’t make bot lane leash, because level 1 is very important”

Wise words from Mboma, and one that any ADC/Support duo can relate to. No-one wants to get to lane late.

2. Thomas Shen – Gravitas – “Just try your best I suppose!”

Often the simplest solution is the most effective. And in the world of solo queue, where the opposing team is just as likely to throw the game as you are, trying your best (and not CCing unless it’s really over) can lead to some clutch turnarounds, and great games.

3. Pabu – Pentanet.GG – “Ping your intention to get everybody on the same page!”

Pings, and by extension communication, is very important in solo queue. One ping might be enough to alert your sleepy mid laner to a gank, and that’s never a bad thing.

4. Pabu – Pentanet.GG – “Gank early to set your team up for success and tilt your enemies!”

One for the junglers out there – ganking has its rewards, and an often overlooked factor is just how much a gank can tilt your enemies. Plus, who doesn’t love a jungler that ganks lots?

5. Pabu – Pentanet.GG – “Don’t compensate for your teammates’ errors, keep playing your game!”

In the same spirit as “Don’t give up”, Pabu’s words of wisdom here will set you up to focus on your own gameplay, without getting distracted by your teammates who may (or may not) be getting solobolo’d in other lanes.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out on the rift and put your newly-learned tips & tricks from our DoorDash LCO pros into practice.

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