Split 2 of the LCO is Here!

Published on May 28, 2021

After Pentanet.GG’s POGGERS performance in #OCELAND left us lost for words, we’ve finally caught our breath and had a chance to sit down and iron out the final touches of Split 2 of the LCO. Need a TL;DR? Well, basically, starting from June 15th, it’s more of the good stuff every Tuesday & Wednesday, and yeah, this Split, our LCO teams are playing for a pathway to Worlds.

What does the season look like?

From the start of the season on Tuesday, June 15, each Tuesday & Wednesday from 6pm AEST / 8pm NZT / 4pm AWST, you can watch your favourite LCO teams do battle.

Then, on the Fridays of July 9th, 16th, and 23rd, we’ll see some more ‘super weeks’, so clear out those calendars, and plan for a few Friday nights in in July.

The LCO Playoffs will kick off in August – that’s a lot to swallow, but don’t worry – for the latest schedule, you can always check lco.gg/schedule, which will be updated after every night of games this season.

In terms of format, this season will see the regular season matches play out as a Triple Round Robin, with Playoffs being played as a Double Elimination bracket.

What are they playing for?

This season, as well as a massive $30,000USD Prizepool contributed by Riot Games (thanks fam), our LCO teams are playing for a spot on the pathway to Worlds this year. We’ll have more details on exactly how that will work later – you didn’t expect us to share all the good stuff before the season’s already started, did you?


We’re still working on what a great LCO Finals will look like this Split, so all we can say in this department is stay tuned for more, Soon™.

So, we hope to see all of you there – either on twitch.tv/lco or youtube.com/lco from June 15th. Remember to also give our Twitter a follow @LCO, and we even have an Instagram and TikTok if you’re into that sort of thing. Oh, and stay tuned next week for our Split 2 Match Schedule.

Last but not least, since it’s the start of the season, why not make sure you’re up to date & following all of our LCO teams – just head on over to lco.gg/teams for all the links you need.

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